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Modifying a R/C car to become a robot

I used to have a lot of fun with the Tyco Rebound Mini, a R/C car that could bump into things, flip over and continue its ride.

When spare time got scarce, it started gathering dust in the cellar. But today, is the day that this car gets a second chance as a full blown robot! Tonight I took the time to make a flat platform (to put the electronics on), to attach the motor controller (get it really cheap here) and to break my hot glue gun.

Here are some pictures from today’s work. I’ll keep updating this post when I finished something new!

We’re getting somewhere. Today the controller pcb was added to the mounting platform. On this board, there is a 24F series PIC microcontroller and some connectors which is all that is necessary for the moment! My PicKit 3 is acting up, so I’m going back to my PicKit 2 to see if that one can solve it. The car can already drive in all directions, but I hope to test it on the ground (yeah, it was currently flying) soon!

Some more pics (I made that colored wire myself!):

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