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My very first electronics project

SeeedStudio has been asking about our very first making experience, so I thought about it. The first project (electronics related) I did was a solder kit from Velleman (it’s a Belgian company, but do spread their stuff over the world). My dad and I bought it in the local electronics shop and assembled it with my uncle’s soldering iron (we didn’t have one!) when I was about 10 years old (many years ago!)

At the time I was still playing the drums, so something useful would be nice. Velleman sells these Metronome kits, amazingly they still do so – even after more than 10 years. So we put it together, not really knowing what we were doing. Luckily the instructions were really easy, and somehow we got it to work.

Yep, this is the first one ever! And I still have it!

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